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a place to find information, reviews and news for the handheld community. Focusing on the PalmOSŪ but not forgetting Pocket PC, Linux, and others. 

DGO Tech 101
DGO Tech 101 is a good place to start learning about various technical topics

The Hiccup Page
The Hiccup Page started as a joke, one day in 1992. I thought there was lots of good information on the Internet, so I thought "what could I do to have some fun?" so I created what I thought was a humorous but useless page. As it turns out the page was not useless after all. This page has been used by many people in many different countries around the world to try to and rid themselves of the hiccups. Go figure... now that I look at it almost ten years later ... well I still think its kind of funny, but useful now!



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